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The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates normally serves as legal representation for Galvestonians who are seeking experience legal help to  overcome the following challenges and criminal charges;

Avoid Texas Drivers’ License Suspension & Jail Time

The faster you contact one of our experienced staff lawyers about your case the better off you’ll be. Once a person is charged with DWI or DUI there’s a short period of time in which the DWI defense lawyer can work to stop the suspension of your Texas Driver’s License.

By retaining legal representation immediately, you afford your lawyer the luxury of having more time to work the Galveston County District Attorney to possibly reach an agreement in which jail time can be prevented. Timing is key in situations when a plea of Guilty or No Contest represents the best option for your case.

In cases where you intend to proclaim your innocence and enter a plea of Not Guilty, its even more important to seek immediate legal representation to afford your attorney the time to build an adequate defense for you. Whether or not you work with the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates on your ordeal you’re better off with immediate legal representation.