Felony DWI

Get arrested and charged with any form of felony in Texas you can expect to treated like any other person convicted (or accused) of a felony offense; like a dangerous criminal. While this may be unfounded for most people accused of DWI, the law makes no favorites when it comes to enforcement.

This is especially true for Galvestonians arrested for Driving While Intoxicated … a 3rd time; a serious offense that can result in a 20 year jail sentence if convicted.

YOU WILL NEED a best of breed lawyer in your corner if you’re fighting a felony DWI charge in Texas. This reigns obviously evident when encountering any and all felonious allegations of criminal activity in Texas.

About Felony DWI Offenses in Texas

The particular Drunk Driving crimes that can result in a felony criminal charge in the state of Texas are listed below.

Potential Criminal Penalties

Fine: Up to 10,000.00

Jail Time: 2 to 20 Years (Depending on the Circumstances) with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Other Penalties: Drivers’ License Suspension (180 days to 2 years)

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